Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to set SMS ringtone for Samsung Galaxy S3?

As Samsung Galaxy S3 was finally released in the market and sure there are much confusion in using this smartphone especially those who just started using Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, let me give you some tips for this phone.

If you guys are wondering how to set the ringtone for your personal messaging in Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone so when your friends or family sent a SMS to you, your phone will play the song that you want. Your new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone is pre-loaded with MP3 files for ringtones, but you can also choose to load your own selected song files to your new smartphone. If you are previously using the Samsung Galaxy S2 probably you won’t get burden in doing this, because in same way this setting is just the copy cut of its descendant.

At first you will get some good quality audio files and load or transfer it to the pre-formatted micro SD card of your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, if you insert the micro SD card to the micro SD slot on your laptop and open its content, you would see a folder named ‘Sounds’ this is where you will insert your favorite music files.  

First Option:  In general Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S3 just go to its Menu> My files> Sounds> then select the song you want on the song list, then select ‘Set as’ button at the bottom of the list of your phone to set the specific file as the default notification sound for all your texts (SMS) and emails/notification ringtone (the menu items may have different but it may have similar names such as "Notification Ringtone").

Notifications (the menu items may have different but it may have similar names such as "Notification Ringtone") then, probably at the bottom of the list of your phone, there will be a link to your music library. Select the song that you want and that will set
Second Option: For individual contact person in your phone book go into your contact list, choose an entry and edit it either by pressing Menu> Edit, or an onscreen edit button if there is one, then you can scroll down to the option where you see the Ringtone field and then allocate them their own Ringtone of your choice.

My tips for those who just started using smartphones, the best way to learn how to change the ringtone is to go slow, look around and read everything carefully the provided user’s manual so you can know better. There are usually a lot of available options to be found by pressing the Menu button of Samsung Galaxy S3.  Just follow the right instructions provided on your phone’s manual and you will be happy of the result on how you will personalize the stuffs on your new smartphone.


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